Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 69€

We all know how good we feel when wearing a spectacular tan. However, less and less people are willing to expose themselves to the risks generated by UVA rays from the sun and tanning beds.

With the Nails & Co Tanning Method, in a few minutes we give to the skin a tan and golden colour that lasts for more than a week. The best option to be tan the whole year or to look on special occasions. 100% Natural and safe.

Our success in tanning with sugar cane lies in the body and facial peeling that we performed before tanning, we apply it in a homogeneous way with a spray with built-in drying (tanning with a gun). The product acts within 4 hours after application and increases the colour of the skin. After this time the client can shower and natural tan lasts 7 days, the more hydrated skin, the more the colour will be durable and bright.