The latest in hair removal technology: LED LASER

Try our new LED LASER now with a 50% introductory offer.

LXD is the latest technological innovation in gradual hair removal. The true effective hair removal treatment with long lasting results.

Thanks to the LED light, we manage to reduce the duration of the treatment, increase its effectiveness and minimize the discomfort on the skin.

✓ Depilation on all types of hair
✓ Maximum light output
✓ Suitable for all skin phototypes
✓ Does not generate heat sensation on the skin


Duration: *According to zone

Price: from 10€

Our wax is composed of the best active ingredients of natural origin. It is made from beeswax and a combination of high quality resins, it also contains gold particles which gives it more creaminess while making it more moisturizing.

ZONE 1 – 10€                                       

Lip, cleans eyebrows, chin, ear, nose, fingers in feet or hands, sideburns, areolas

ZONE 2 – 15€

Armpits, normal groins, eyebrow design, mid arms, linea alba, coccyx, gluteal, intergluteal.

ZONE 3 – 25€

Brazilian groins, half legs, full arms, back, thighs

ZONE 4 – 35€                       

Full legs

ZONE 5 – 50€

Complete intimate area (groins, intergluteal and pubis)