Duration: 1 hour

Price: 48€

10 sessions coupon (1 free )  –  432€

The feet hold us all day long, take care of them!

The most complete pedicure you will find in Madrid. Come and see us and stop going to the podiatrist with the extra to get nails perfect and beautiful. We detail the eight steps we follow:

  • We immerse your feet in a bubbling Jacuzzi with hot, fungicidal water.
  • Then, they are cut, filled with a soft file and polished delicately.
  • Calluses and hardness are eliminated, softening them and using the lathe.
  • Ingrown toenails, or with any other problem they may present, are treated.
  • A peeling is carried out with an exfoliating lotion composed of sugars and oil that allow the elimination of dead cells and leaves the skin as new
  • The lotion is applied and we give a relaxing massage.
  • Apply a protective and hardening base on the nails. Then, an enamel.
  • We finish with a protective sheen.



Duration: 30 minutes

Price: 20€

We propose 100% organic treatments with exclusive VOESH products.



Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 68€

Moisturizing pedicure with paraffin, the latest in hydration.

Paraffin provides high hydration in the deep layers of the skin, as well as treats muscle pains, contractures, tendonitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis…

With Shea butter, it is one of the best moisturizers and emollients par excellence. It nourishes the skin restoring the smoothness and elasticity.

Once the Nails & Co pedicure is finished, we proceed to:

  • A mixture of minerals containing Epsom, dead sea and California sea salts is added to the water, which stimulate and detoxify and soften the skin.
  • We perform an organic sugar exfoliation that absorbs the toxins by dragging and removing the dead cells will keep the skin moisturized, renewed and luminous.
  • The feet are immersed in a paraffin bath of Shea butter that will provide you with the highest hydration, well-being and protection in the skin, and will make your feet feel hydrated.
  • As a finishing touch, we apply an organic lotion with aloe vera, avocado, Shea butter and olive oil, sesame and soy that will help to nourish and retain moisture in your feet.



Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 68€

Pedicure effective in solving the problem of toenails weaknesses. It is the perfect treatment to nourish them to the maximum and give back the strength they have lost. If you want the perfect pedicure you must first have healthy nails.

Once the Nails & Co pedicure is finished, we proceed to:

  • Apply the repairing product, let it dry and cure on a lamp. We finish by cleaning the excess and applying the nail polish chosen.
  • Apply the repairing product, let it dry and cure in a lamp fusing the oil of the product with the nail and getting stronger.



Price: 10€

Intensive treatment enriched with argan oil and an emulsion rich in collagen to penetrate and moisturize the skin.

Before performing the pedicure you will wear booties enriched with collagen, then we remove the tips of it and then perform the pedicure. At the end, the bottee is removed and a massage is given.

Save time by hydrating your feet while getting an ideal pedicure.