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Duration : 30 minutes

Price: 26€ / 10 Sessions coupon (1 Free): 234€

It is the most complete you will find in the market nowadays. You will get a moisturized skin and perfect nails. We detail the six steps we follow:

– The nails are filled with a soft file and the cuticle remover is applied.

-The hands are immersed in a container with water and soap.

-The cuticles are cut or removed.

-A nutrient oil is applied on nails and cuticles. A massage is given for the oil to penetrate.

-A peeling is applied to remove dead cells and leave the skin soft, then a lotion is applied while giving a relaxing massage.

-Nail get degreased, and a protective base is applied. Then, they are enamelled of the colour that the client wishes.

-It ends with a protective glow.

This manicure can be complemented with our 100% organic treatments that adapt to every need to achieve the maximum perfection and intensively highlight its natural beauty.



Duration : 1 hour and 15 minutes

Price: 55€ / 10 Sessions coupon (1 Free): 495€

With the semi-permanent manicure, you can have perfect nails for 21 days.

Nail coating with gel.

Once the Nails & Co manicure is finished, we proceed to enamel with semi-permanent gel.

Its formula is a combination of organic chemicals that protect the natural nail, resulting in a unique product for nail styling.

The Nails & Co semi-permanent manicure respects and strengthens the natural nail. It is the first time that the bed of the nail can breathe with sculpted nails.

Choose from over 100 colors.

Easy to remove, in less than 15 minutes using a liquid that does not damage the nail. Including the semi-permanent gel removal service when performing the semi-permanent manicure again.



Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 46€

We have 100% organic BCL treatments from the SPA line that we customize according to the needs of each client.



Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 46€

The latest in hydration. It rejuvenates the skin of the hands and prevents the appearance of spots.
Paraffin provides high hydration in the deep layers of the skin, as well as treats muscle pains, contractures, tendonitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis…

Apart from paraffin, we use oils from the citrus family that revitalize the skin. Vitamin E, vitamin C and Aloe Vera, moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients, nourish the skin restoring smoothness and elasticity and prevent the appearance of blemishes.
Once the Nails & Co manicure is finished, we proceed to:

  • Exfoliate with a rich blend of crystallized citric acid that dissolves and transforms into a penetrating wax, which helps to reduce visible signs of aging.
  • Apply a paraffin bath that relieves pain and relaxes joint stiffness, while promoting deep penetration of essential oils.
  • Hand massage with the application of a cocktail of moisturizing oils that soften and restore the natural elasticity of the skin.



Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 46€

Organic, nutritious and essentially refreshing treatment to calm all the senses, thanks to the properties of mint and vanilla.
Once the Nails & Co basic manicure is finished, we proceed to:
1. Exfoliation, composed of botanical extracts of mint and vanilla, to achieve a cleaning and regeneration of the skin, in addition to a soothing fresh feeling of anti-stress.
2. In the final step, we apply a moisturizing and refreshing lotion that provides a sensation of immediate freshness. It helps to recover tired muscles, improves sleep quality and produces an anti-stress effect.
All the products used in this treatment are formulated parabens-free.



Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 46€

Natural and depigmenting treatment, that reduces dark spots and unifies the skin tone thanks to the properties of Argan oil and citrus and herbal extracts that contain a great antioxidant capacity for skin rejuvenation.
Once the Nails & Co basic manicure is finished, we proceed to:

  • We made a bath of natural salts of the Dead Sea with botanical extracts to purify all the imperfections of the skin. After an easy rinsing, it leaves the sensation of a unique hydration.
  • We gently exfoliate the skin with an organic sugar compound of Argan oil and other essential ones. This is a clean scrub, without rinsing, it just needs a little water to dissolve the sugar.
  • Reparation and deep hydration with a mask of high nutritive power, enriched with Argan oil. Recommended to protect and repair any area.
  • We finish with a deep massage based on a lotion rich in organic elements and essential oils, that becomes oil with the activation of heat. It gives the skin a feeling of rest and freshness.
    All the products used in this treatment are formulated parabens-free.



Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 46€

Effective manicure in solving the problem of nail weakness. It is a perfect treatment to nourish them to the maximum and give back the strength they have lost. If you want a perfect manicure, first you must have healthy nails.

Once the Nails & Co basic manicure is finished, we proceed to:

  • We applicate the repair product, let it dry, and then cure in a lamp. We finish by cleaning the excess and applying the nail polish chosen.



Duration: 15 minutes

Price: 18€

To give a new appearance to the nails with a colour or combination of the more than 100 nail polishes that we have among the brands NhAstra Nails, and Masglo, of the highest quality.
Remove existing enamel, file and cut nails according to the desired shape.
Then, we apply a coat of protective base with vitamins and nutrients and apply the polish chosen.
We finish with a drying-shine coat that accelerates drying and protects the enamel with a high lasting gloss.



Children are welcome in Nails&Co and they will get a 30% discount. (Children up to 12-years-old)



Price: 10€

Intensive treatment enriched with argan oil and an emulsion rich in collagen to penetrate and moisturize the skin.

Before performing the manicure you will wear gloves enriched with collagen, then we remove the tips of the glove and then we perform the manicure. Finally the glove is removed and a massage is given.

The gloves also protect up to 98.9% of UV rays if a semi-permanent manicure is performed.