Body treatments


Duration: 30 minutes / 1 hour

Price: from 35€

Our massages will help you fight stress and relieve pain, while providing a deep and pleasant relaxation.


Relaxing massage
Massage anti-cellulite reducer
Tired legs massage

Back Healing treatment

Duration:  1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 75€

The back is one of the areas where most impurities accumulate, due to the sebaceous glands and the difficulty of performing daily a correct cleaning.

With our back hygiene with extraction you will get a smooth skin, balanced and free of impurities. Our “Healing” back cleansing protocol combines a Thermoactive enzymatic detoxification to soften and dissolve the sebum, with impurities extraction and application The Cure Botanical Post-Therapy, to calm purify and close the pores.

Next, we apply a peeling with Acids to homogenize the skin and make a sweep of dead cells and a Nano-stimulating mask.

We finish with a detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and soothing massage-drainage and a mask adaptable for each type of skin.

Body treatments Natura Bissé

Duration:  1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 75 €

Body treatments that are customized according to the requirements and needs of each type of skin, using high quality and efficient products from Natura Bissé cosmetics brand

Body treatment with Vitamin C
Oxygen Body Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light body treatments

Duration:  *According to zone

Price: from 75€

By using the Intense Pulsed Light combat the damage caused by the passage of time and get a skin with an enviable texture and smoothness.

Anti-stain treatment with IPL
Rejuvenation treatment with IPL

Relaxing massage

Duration: 30 minutes /  1 hour

Price: 35€ / 65 €

4 sessions coupon (1 free ):  105€ / 195€

This experience is designed so that you feel how your energy is renewed thanks to our relaxing and tension-relieving massages. Suitable for people who want to disconnect from the routine and eliminate physical and mental tension.

Our massages are totally customizable, you can choose from a softer and relaxed massage to a more energetic one, as well as the areas to work with.

With sedative and recuperative effect. We use different manual techniques to relieve physical and mental stress, relax muscles, eliminate tensions and muscle contractions, and increase your blood circulation.

Massage anti-cellulite reducer

Duration: 1 hora

Price: 75€

4 session coupon (1 free):  225€

Win the battle for cellulite and localized fat, with luxury cosmetics, Natura Bissé.

Removing cellulite and localized fat is already an achievable goal. This powerful and ultra effective treatment manages to reduce volume both in general and in rebel areas so that you get a perfect body.

An intense exfoliation that improves the microcirculation and stimulates the metabolism acts in perfect synergy with the revolutionary concentrated gel of reducing action and anti-cellulite. Unique massage techniques that are remodeling and draining compatible with the most advanced medical-aesthetic technology complete the effectiveness of this protocol that offers immediate visible results and lasting action. Your skin will be noticeably toned and moisturized and your figure completely stylized.

Tired legs massage

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: 35€

4 session coupon ( 1 free):  105€

Delicate draining massage that helps to decrease inflammation, improve circulation and relieve fatigue of the feet and legs especially after long walks.

Feel better with this fabulous massage, relieving tiredness and heaviness immediately.

Natura Bissé Body treatment
with Vitamin C

Duration:  1 hour and 30 minutes

Price: 75€

Body treatment designed to feel a citrus experience. The sophistication and the global care of this treatment bring to the skin all the necessary benefits in the day to day. The active principles added to the manual manoeuvres are the perfect combination for an authentic dance for the senses.

After an intense and liberating exfoliation, the skin receives the benefits of an antioxidant concentrate and firming with pure vitamin C. Next, a sweet wrapping, ideal for skins damaged by the sun, and the free radicals contributes greater elasticity to the skin and an intense hydration.

A citric bath will protect your skin against dryness and premature aging thanks to its natural ingredients such as crystallized honey, shea butter, ascorbic acid and freeze-dried orange juice that will give it a rejuvenated and reaffirmed look from the first session.

The final result is a remodelled, luminous and nourished skin that shines in all its splendour.

Natura Bissé Oxygen Body Treatment

Duration:  1 hour and  30 minutes

Price: 75€

Moisturizing, nourishing and invigorating body treatment that wraps your body in a fresh fruity fragrance. It prevents dry skin, treats lack of firmness and provides a powerful antioxidant effect.

It incorporates an innovative exfoliation that ensures an intensive skin renewal through a formula of last generation, which is ideal even for the most sensitive and delicate skin.

Then, a delicious oxygen mask of soufflé texture covers the whole body, intensely nourishing the skin and providing a powerful detox effect. A purifying dry oil that leaves an awesome satiny, soft and silky skin.

When we oxygenate the skin, we are providing our cells with the optimal level of oxygen they need to stay in perfect condition. In this way, we facilitate cutaneous oxygenation, revitalize the skin, purify and decongest it, thus obtaining a much healthier appearance.

Combined treatment: Facial + Corporal

Duration:  2 hours

Price: 140 €

For the nonconformist ones that want two treatments in one.

With facial hygiene, we can eliminate accumulated skin impurities such as dead cells, black spots, environmental pollution …With our cleaning, we will allow the skin to oxygenate properly and look clean and bright.

With the corporal treatment we are able to clean and purify the skin exfoliating the dead cells that do not let the others regenerate, obtaining a hydrated skin and pleasant to the touch.

This combination is an essential beauty treatment to keep the skin beautiful and healthy.

Anti-stain treatment with IPL

Price: Hands- 75€ /  Shoulders – 110€  / Arms – 110€  /  Legs – 180€

4 session coupon (1 free) available

With this IPL anti-stain treatment, a light beam is applied treating very specifically the dark pigmentations generated by the sun over the years and the redness of vascular origin. It favors the formation of collagen and visibly improves the quality of the skin on hands, shoulders or arms.

We make customized budget in different zones.

Rejuvenation treatment with IPL

Price: Arms- 150€  / Tummy – 110€  / Buttocks – 150€ / Buttocks and hips – 199€

4 session coupon (1 free) available

With the IPL, you can treat almost all areas of your body, achieving in a short time a more uniform result and a fresher and younger appearance.

Body treatments
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