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The facial treatments at Nails&Co are done with products of the exclusive brand of cosmetics called Natura Bissé and are adapted to every skin type.


The skin condition and its appearance and youth are part of our personality and the image we want to display. Our face mirrors our soul and is the way through which we show ourselves to the world.

At Nails&Co we have the best treatments to combat factors that dehydrate our skin such as the weather, pollution and temperature changes. Our cleansing treatments act thoroughly and are ideal to counter these attacks. We use effective, elegant and modern solutions to problems of all types of skin, for both men and women that might be caused by age, climate change or by living in a polluted environment. Let yourself get pampered by our experts hands and just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Dermalógica Treatmentsthe professional brand of skin care No.1 in the world

All the cosmeticians at Nails&Co are certified by the laboratory Dermalógica.

If we examine our facial skin we will notice that there are areas where we have more blemishes, wrinkles, or dryness, yet we cannot assign these areas to a certain type of skin, therefore we will not treat them in the same way we treat the rest of our skin. You will see that some areas need to be exfoliated, others need to be better hydrated and the parts of our skin that produce too much sebum need to be kept drier.

In Nails&Co we work with numerous products of Dermalogica brand. Its variety allows us to perform facial treatments with a very detailed customization. In order to achieve excellent results we use a tool called Face Mapping. This way the clients let us know what aspects they want to improve and our specialist points out the state of each area of the facial skin and what he believes are the best treatments for said areas. This step is of vital importance not only for the customer but also for the specialist who monitors the evolution of the skin from one session to another.

Nails&Co would like to invite you to test this therapy that, unlike any other, will make a visible change to your skin.

Anti-acne Dermalogica Treatment:

Anti-ageing Dermalogica Treatment:

Depigmentation Dermalogica Treatment:

Sensitive Skin Dermalogica Treatment:





Natura Bissé treatments.  The treatment of the celebrities


Oxygen Facial Natura Bissé:

Vitamin C Facial Natura Bissé:

Deep facial hygiene “The cure”; Natura Bissé:




Eyelash Treatments

Eyelash permanent and tinting:

Eyelash Treatment: permanent:

Eyelash Treatment: Tinting:




IPL Treatments

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Rejuvenation (choose area):

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Stain removal treatment (choose area):

155, 00€ – 175, 00€

155, 00€ – 175, 00€

Other services provided by the aesthetic center Nails&Co

“All our facial treatments are accompanied by a remodeler wrinkle-free massage and foot reflexology”


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