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The depilation SERVICES OF NAILS& CO
Epilation traditional, avant-garde or depilation … you choose which you prefer


We have the best techniques to remove unwanted hair in any area of the body, for both men and women. Our wax is composed of the best active particles of natural origin. It is made of beeswax and a combination of high quality resins. It also contains gold particles which gives you greater color and moisturizing.

We have at your disposal the traditional epilation with hot or cold wax as well as threading which is a technique that removes the hair from the root without damaging the skin. This is an ideal method for areas of the face as the parts around your nose, eyebrows, or lips.

Hot Or Cold Waxing

Waxing (facial)

Waxing (lower part of the body)

Waxing (upper part of the body)

10,00€ – 15,00€

10,00€ – 50,00€

10,00€ – 50,00€


Threading lips

Eyebrows design – threading



Photo depilation

The IPL photo depilation IPL Anthélia NG adapts to any skin type: faire, normal, tanned or very tanned, to eliminate any unwanted hair. It is also effective in both man and woman and can be used even in summer. Comfortable, fast and secure, unlike the laser, our IPL is effective in both patients of black and white skin, ensuring a successful result. It is designed in such a way that it takes into consideration both the color of the skin and the characteristics of the hair, adapting to its color, texture and thickness, allowing the removal of hair from all parts of the body, including grey hair: face, armpits, pubic area etc., with the reassurance that thanks to its operating characteristics it will never cause burns on the skin.

What are you waiting for to try it out?

Photo depilation (Face)

Photo depilation (lower part of the body)

Photo depilation (upper body)

35,00€ – 145,00€ 17,50€ – 72,50€

35,00€ – 290,00€ 17,50€ – 150,00€

65,00€ – 259,00€ 20,00€ – 129,50€

Other services of the nail center Nails&Co
We remove unwanted hair for both men and women in any area of your BODY

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